White Mountain Trucking


At White Mountain Trucking, we understand that it is important to have information about the whereabouts of any given vehicle at any time. That is why we have installed each and every truck with a GPS tracking device which enables us to keep track of where our vehicles are on the map. This enables us to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which direction. If we need to reroute any of the vehicle in our fleet, or to assign a new pick up on the same route, we can do so based on the information received from the transportation tracking software.

A GPS vehicle tracking system is automated and provides real-time updates to our headquarters. driver with gps This helps in quick decision making. No paperwork for both managers and drivers needed, hence we have more time to focus on other business duties. Our drivers drive with no worries of the mileage as a result of road works or detours on their routes.

Additionally, proper planning helps us to fit more deliveries per day, which translates to quicker services to customers. It also allows us to accurately update clients on the expected arrival time and in case of any delays.

At White Mountain Trucking, you can be confident knowing where your freight is and that it will arrive on time.

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