White Mountain Trucking


We are capable of hauling your load no matter the height, length or weight. Our drivers specialize in hauling oversized machinery and our flatbed trailers are capable of handling the load, no matter how heavy it is. Since 2012, we have been towing heavy machinery in North America door to door, state to state, even in Canada & Mexico. We have experience shipping overweight and oversized loads of all types in all 50 states:


With a decade of heavy hauling & trucking experience, White Mountain Trucking has all the needed tools to safely transfer your heavy equipment. Our logistics team will make sure we have the right equipment to efficiently manage your job. Our drivers have the capability and the knowledge to transfer your heavy equipment with ease.

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Towing heavy equipment requires a driver who is experienced in heavy haul. Unlike standard freight services, oversized loads require permits, special carriers as well as special handling. Only certain types of trailers can haul tractors, forklifts and backhoes. It is important that you find the right haul specialist who has equipment freight insurance as well as multiple flatbed and trailer options.

After doing research, you might find that most equipment can be shipped with a standard trailer or can be towed. For larger equipment, you may need a step deck trailer that can also be used for roll-on/roll-off service. Contact us now for more information.