White Mountain Trucking

Flat Bed

Flatbed hauling is primarily what we do, running all spread axle flat beds. We have all aluminum and combo trailers, but being sensitive to our customers' needs, we've leased stretch trailers to haul long loads. In addition to the flatbeds, we also have dry vans and have access to refers as well.

White Mountain Trucking's flatbed /Specialized Trucking is for loads that wouldn’t fit easily into a Dry van either by size or weight. Flatbed and Drop deck trailers are the most utilizes trailers in our fleet.

White Mountain Trucking offers a versatile fleet that is able to transport any type of awkward load to and from anywhere in the world. Just as you may have a range of products to ship, from sensitive scientific equipment to huge wind turbine components, White Mountain Trucking has an equal range of vehicles and trailers to meet your needs perfectly.

Whatever our customers hauling needs are, we can accommodate those needs. We haul locally and long distances.

We are known for integrity, innovation, highly trained drivers, impeccably maintained late-model equipment, superior safety record and unwavering dedication to quality and customer service.

Not only that, but all of the equipment we use is owned by White Mountain Trucking, that means when we say we have the trailer for your freight, “we really do!”. And as such White Mountain Trucking is in a position to meet all the needs of business. We shall be when and where you want us to be with the most suitable vehicle for their cargo. That means that you can trust us to fulfill your requirements with the most appropriate and safe truck and trailer for the load.

We are able to coordinate the transportation of your cargo from your base to anywhere in the United States. Instruct us where to collect and where to deliver, and leave the rest to us.

Call us today at 602-237-9440 for a freight quote or fill out our form online.