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Driver Application - Part 1

General Information

Current & Three Years Previous Addresses
Education History

Part 2 - Driving Experience

Class of Equipment
Accident Record for the past three years
Traffic Convictions and Forfeitures for the last three years (other than parking violations)
Driver’s License (list each Driver’s License held in the past three years)

Driver Application - Part 3


In accordance with DOT Regulation 49 CFR Part 391.23, I hereby authorize release of my DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing records by the DOT-regulated employer(s) listed below to HireRight for the purpose of HireRight transmitting such records to the HireRight customer listed above. I understand that information/documents released pursuant to this Part I is limited to the following DOT-regulated testing items, including pre-employment testing results, occurring during the previous three (3) years: (i) alcohol tests with a result of 0.04 or higher; (ii) verified positive drug tests; (iii) refusals to be tested (including adulterated and/ or substituted tests); (iv) other violations of DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations (i.e., violations of 49 CFR 382 Subpart B); (v) information obtained from previous employers of a drug and alcohol rule violation; and (vi) any documentation of completion of the return-to-duty process following a rule violation.

If any company listed below furnishes HireRight with information concerning items (i) through (vi) above, I also authorize such company to furnish the following information to HireRight, if applicable: (i) dates of my negative drug and/or alcohol tests and/or tests with results below 0.04 during the previous three (3) years; and (ii) the name and phone number of any substance abuse professional who evaluated me during the previous three (3) years.

List all DOT-regulated employers you have applied with and/or worked for in a safety-sensitive function during the previous three (3) years. If necessary, attach additional pages, including the date, your name, social security number and signature.

Previous DOT-Regulated Employer
Employer City State Phone Number

By signing below, I certify that: (i) all information provided herein is complete and accurate; (ii) I have read and fully understand this Part I disclosure and authorization for release as well as the attached FMCSA Notification of Driver Rights and any applicable state law notices; (iii) prior to signing I was given an opportunity to ask questions and to have those questions answered to my satisfaction; ( iv) I execute this authorization voluntarily and with the knowledge that the information obtained pursuant to this authorization could affect my eligibility for employment, promotion, retention or other lawful purpose; ( v) I understand I may review this document with legal counsel prior to signing; and (vi) facsimile or photographic copies of this authorization are as valid as an original.

Signature of Applicant
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Driver Application - Part 4

Part 2 - FMCSA Notification of Driver Rights

In compliance with 49 CFR Part 40 §391.23 you have certain rights regarding the safety performance history information that will be provided to prospective employers. I) You have the right to review information provided by previous employers. II) You have the right to have errors in the information corrected by the previous employer and for that previous employer to re-send the corrected information to prospective employers. III) You have the right to have a rebuttal statement attached to the alleged erroneous information, if the previous employer and the driver cannot agree on the accuracy of the information. (2) Drivers who have previous DOT regulated employment history in the preceding three years and wish to review previous employer-provided investigative information must submit a written request to prospective employers. This may be done at any time, including when applying, or as late as 30 days after being employed or being notified of denial of employment. Prospective employers must provide this information within five business days of receiving the written request. If prospective employers have not yet received the requested information from the previous employer, then the five-day deadline will begin when the requested safety performance history information is received. If you have not arranged to pick up or receive the requested records within 30 days of prospective employers making them available, the prospective employers may consider you to have waived your request to review the record.



1. I. In connection with your application for employment with White Mountain Trucking, LLC ("Prospective Employer"), Prospective Employer, its employees, agents or contractors may obtain one or more reports regarding your driving, and safety inspection history from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FM CSA).

When the application for employment is submitted in person, if the Prospective Employer uses any information it obtains from FM CSA in a decision to not hire you or to make any other adverse employment decision regarding you, the Prospective Employer will provide you with a copy of the report upon which its decision was based and a written summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act before taking any final adverse action. If any final adverse action is taken against you based upon your driving history or safety report, the Prospective Employer will notify you that the action has been taken and that the action was based in part or in whole on this report.

When the application for employment is submitted by mail, telephone, computer, or other similar means, if the Prospective Employer uses any information it obtains from FMC SA in a decision to not hire you or to make any other adverse employment decision regarding you, the Prospective Employer must provide you within three business days of taking adverse action oral, written or electronic notification: that adverse action has been taken based in whole or in part on information obtained from FMCSA; the name, address, and the toll free telephone number of FMCSA; that the FMCSA did not make the decision to take the adverse action and is unable to provide you the specific reasons why the adverse action was taken; and that you may, upon providing proper identification, request a free copy of the report and may dispute with the FMCSA the accuracy or completeness of any information or report. If you request a copy of a driver record from the Prospective Employer who procured the report, then, within 3 business days of receiving your request, together with proper identification, the Prospective Employer must send or provide to you a copy of your report and a summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Prospective Employer cannot obtain background reports from FMCSA unless you consent in writing.

If you agree that the Prospective Employer may obtain such background reports, please read the following and sign below:

2. I authorize White Mountain Trucking, LLC ("Prospective Employer") to access the FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program {PSP) system to seek information regarding my commercial driving safety record and information regarding my safety inspection history. I understand that I am consenting to the release of safety performance information including crash data from the previous five (5) years and inspection history from the previous three (3) years. I understand and acknowledge that this release of information may assist the Prospective Employer to make a determination regarding my suitability as an employee.

3. I further understand that neither the Prospective Employer nor the FMCSA contractor supplying the crash and safety information has the capability to correct any safety data that appears to be incorrect. I understand I may challenge the accuracy of the data by submitting a request to https://dataqs.fincsa.dot.gov. If I am challenging crash or inspection information reported by a State, FMCSA cannot change or correct this data. I understand my request will be forwarded by the DataQs system to the appropriate State for adjudication.

4. Please note: Any crash or inspection in which you were involved will display on your PSP report. Since the PSP report does not report, or assign, or imply fault, it will include all Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) crashes where you were a driver or co-driver and where those crashes were reported to FMCSA, regardless of fault. Similarly, all inspections, with or without violations, appear on the PSP report. State citations associated with FMCSR violations that have been adjudicated by a court of law will also appear, and remain, on a PSP report.

I have read the above Notice Regarding Background Reports provided to me by Prospective Employer and I understand that if I sign this consent form, Prospective Employer may obtain a report of my crash and inspection history. I hereby authorize Prospective Employer and its employees, authorized agents, and/or affiliates to obtain the information authorized above.

Signature of Applicant
Clear Signature